Episode 32 — 20/20 (with Michael Palladino)

This week Michael Palladino stops by to share stories form his recent California adventure and a story about Anne Frank's dad.

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Episode 31 — Dead Grandpa Money (with Matt Micheletti)

This week on Talk  Ramen, Matt Micheletti stops by for an episode recorded at the Hot Boy Manor.  Take a trip down the wild side in this one.  

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Episode 30 — Episodio Treinta (with Matt Braunger)

This week Matt Braunger joins talk Talk Ramen to make one hilarious episode with conversations about horror podcasts, crazy drug stories, as well as some inspirational "follow your dreams" tidbits.

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Episode 29 — The Lark Knight (with Adam Lark)

This week Adam Lark joins Talk Ramen to talk about impressions, being bi-lingual, and the finer things in life.

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Episode 28 — Twitches (with Heidi Young)

This week Heidi Young joins Talk Ramen with fun stories with stories of melting her hair in high school, young love, and MURDER!!!!!!!


Episode 27 — About Last Podcast (with Adam Ray)

This week headliner Adam Ray joins Talk Ramen to reminisce about the clash between being a Wolverine impersonator and a stoner. He recalls a Price is Right story that will make you laugh till you cry.  Talks about touring with  Adam Devine. He even has time to fit in some great comedy tips.  

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Episode 26 — OH SNAP (with Rob Maebe)

This week the Talk Ramen crew is back at the Hot Boy Manor to interrupt a pool party and record an episode with Rob Maebe. 


Episode 25 — Ride the Wave (with Richie Martin)

This week comedian Richie Martin sits down to talk about his experiences as a respected lacrosse coach, beast wars, the Jewish Olympics, and Kaityln Jenner.

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Episode 24 — Videogames and Comedy (with Kevin Elliot)

Comedian Kevin Elliot joins Talk Ramen this week with conversations about shooting games, parenting, Frank Muniz and Rick Moranis, and cat assholes.  He also opens up about his take on comedy and what he learned form touring with Greg Geraldo.  

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Episode 23 — Slut-Off (with Justin Tietjen)

This week Justin Tietjen comes on Talk Ramen to talk about his cerebral palsy, porn, Home Alone, and other crazy shenanigans.  Also Greg, takes a week off and doesn't tell anyone so we replace him with a scary black man!

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